Press Coverage for 4WT Media from Social Media Week LA

Social Media Week Los Angeles was a blast and I was thrilled that 4WT could sponsor the event and provide live streaming for the entire week of panels and masterclasses.

Check out this blog post I wrote for SMWLA in conjunction with the panel we hosted all about working with influencers:

Creating great branded content is all about embracing the same philosophy that makes great content period. Audiences don’t care if a brand is behind a video they are watching as long as it’s good content. Brands must embrace their role as content creators and storytellers, Red Bull is a great example of what this actually means in the real world. Another example is Coke and their Content 2020 strategy which essentially offers agencies a playbook to collaborate with Coke on creating great content.

Branded content is all about quality at the end of the day. Interruption marketing and 30 second TV commercials are quickly becoming irrelevant and the new paradigm is about attracting your target demographics with compelling content. One of my favorite examples is Kmart’s Ship My Pants campaign. It’s a hilarious concept from a huge brand that we all know but is surprising and fun, enough so that it became a huge viral hit and now has a follow up called Big Gas Savings. People actually want to watch these videos and even share them because they are entertaining.

Here’s the Livestream from 4WT’s Panel Harnessing the Power of Influencers – Secrets to Working with Influencers & YouTube Stars:

Check out the rest of the article on Social Media Week LA.

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