Trends in Online Video with Media Leaders (Fox, Giant Media, Fullscreen, What’s Trending & 4WT Media)

Our friends at VideoInk have kindly opened their doors to let me write a guest post. Check it out below.

The facts say it all. More than half of all internet traffic is video-related. More. Than. Half. Think about that for a few seconds before we move on.

From a consumer perspective, there’s no difference between what they’re watching on the television and their computer. Look no further than a new industry in which the industry’s biggest technology companies like Apple and Google are competing — connected TV. With Apple TV and the Google’s new Chromecast, television and computer screens are becoming synonymous as these products allow consumers to transform their TVs in to online video broadcasts.

Are you still not convinced?

Check out this video featuring some of the top minds in the online video space:

  • John Trefry, CEO, 4WT Media
  • Damon Berger, CEO, What’s Trending
  • George Strompolos, CEO, Fullscreen
  • David Segura, CEO, Giant Media
  • David Wertheimer, president of digital, Fox Broadcasting

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