Best Viral Videos of the Week – January 13, 2014

If you’re like me, some of your favorite online content comes in the form of viral and branded videos. There’s nothing better than being the first to share a new video that you know everyone will have seen in 24 hours. At 4WT, we’re going do the heavy lifting for you and hunt down the very best of viral and branded videos from the past week and share them with you right here.

Here’s is the very best viral and branded content offerings from the week of January 13th!

1) Devil Baby Attack

This week’s most viral video is, hands down, “Devil Baby Attack.”Earning millions of views in a matter of days, this video captures the reactions of bystanders in New York City when they come across an animatronic baby cruising around the streets in a remote controlled carriage. The responses are real and completely hilarious to watch.

As viewers, we can sympathize, though. with these Devil Baby victims because we can clearly see how disturbing the baby looks. If we were to be in their shoes, we would probably react in a similar fashion. However, since we have the opportunity to see how the entire contraption was built, the scare tactic has a lesser effect on us.

Experiential marketing is great, especially when it is done well, as it was in this prank video. It does a fantastic job of marketing the spirit and the tradition of the genre for the upcoming horror film Devil’s Due.

2) Axe Peace – Make Love, Not War

Stepping away from their usual misogynist theme of Axe products turning young men into insta-players, Axe delivers a more heartfelt and emotional message of love and peace.

Images of a high-tension politics and a combative war zone appear at the start of the ad, and then gradually turn into this concept of the power of love over war.

This new campaign is an entirely different approach for Axe, but this particular ad was done so well that they should not have any problems maintaining their target market.

3) Doritos – Time Machine

Doritos continues its fantastic campaign of crowd-sourcing their Super Bowl ads. Among the five finalists, the video “Time Machine” is definitely a stand-out.

With a minimal budget and tight schedule, the creators managed to create a comedic ad that touches on the nostalgia of childhood innocence. Their cast of characters, including a goofy and gullible adult, a sneaky little kid, and an adorable dog, could win over just about anyone.

The ad is both entertaining and engaging, so I’m rooting for them to take home the million dollar prize.

4) Apple – iPad Air

Apple continues it’s tradition of poignant and emotional commercials with the recently released spot for the iPad Air.

Although the ad was originally designed to air on television instead of online, all of its imagery is undeniably beautiful and breathtaking. A variety of naturally majestic backgrounds and colorfully lit rooms serve as the settings of people using their iPad Airs in new and unexpected ways, ranging from playing music at a club to searching for insects in the grass.

On top of all that, an audio track of a speech from Robin Williams in the touching film, Dead Poets Society, plays throughout the commercial, making it even more monumental.

This ad does a great job of not overwhelming viewers; Apple’s main intention does not appear to be to further promote their brand, but rather the experience that people can have using their product.

5) Duracell – Derrick Coleman

Another heartfelt ad that was revealed this week was Duracell’s new spot that spotlighted the life and career of Seattle Seahawks’ running back, Derrick Coleman.

We are given a look at the challenges that Coleman has dealt with as a hearing-impaired football player, and what he has been able to accomplished in spite of those obstacles.

The underdog story is something that we all relate to and sympathize with. We watch as he rises to the high ranks of NFL pro while coping with the criticism and other hardships that have occurred during his career.

Duracell delivers a powerful message with Coleman’s story, especially when he says that he simply does not hear his critics and others who condemn him.

It is a smart move on their part to use this tale of triumph to draw in viewers and then wait until the very end of the ad to reveal their brand. They were showing how their product greatly aided Coleman in his life, without overwhelming us with their name.

Hope you enjoyed this wrap up of the best of branded for the week.

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