Best Viral Videos of the Week- January 24, 2014

It’s been a great week for online video with some amazing breakouts! Our friends from Wieden+Kennedy brought Isaiah Mustafa back for another round of Old Spice manliness and Arnold went undercover at Gold’s Gym for his After-School Allstars program. All that and more in this week’s recap!

1) Old Spice: Executive Spray Tan Party

The Old Spice Guy has returned to our computer screens.

In one of their several “prank” commercials, we watch an ad for an “Executive Spray Tan Party”, hosted by a Jersey Shore-esque guy with near orange skin and bulging arms. He’s telling us about the great new trend of getting spray tans while partying. Cheesy visual effects and sound effect along with the colored lights evoke a 90s style to the ad. As the mock infomercial comes to a close, a red flashing light appears, accompanied by an alarm.

The title card falls and we are confronted by the Old Spice guy, shirtless and walking into a sleek white room with the brand’s name displayed in the background. He proceeds to give us an “internetervention”, with charts that show how we have reached rock bottom because of our interest in a spray tan party. Now that we have been told we have a problem, he introduces us to Old Spice body spray and tells us, through a drawn-out exit, that it is not too late to change.

Old Spice has made a smart move in bringing back their most famous figure of the Old Spice Guy. Appealing to virtually everyone with a quick wit, deep voice, and charming personality, the Old Spice Guy is widely recognized and continues to bring in viewers.

2) Arnold Works at Gold’s

In a video posted earlier in the week, Arnold Schwarzenegger posed as a worker at Gold’s Gym in Venice, California in order to promote a healthy lifestyle and the After-School All-Stars program. He works at the front desk to greet customers and also walks around the gym, giving surprisingly unaware patrons ridiculous fitness advice.

It’s fun to see Arnold “back in action”, especially when he goes around patting a towel on the head of a sweaty gym-goer and counts the reps of another as she drinks from the water fountain.

However, it’s hard to believe that there were people who actually had no idea it was truly Arnold under that disguise. He was simply wearing a fake mustache, a wig, and a hat; there was little to no effort put into hiding his trademark accent.

The video has earned over 6 million hits over the course of two days, so the marketing strategy has definitely worked.

3) Google Glass

Google Glass has released a video that shows the benefits of using the product in an unexpected environment. We see how the device is used from the point of view of a fireman as he rescues people from burning buildings and totaled cars.Maps, floor plans, and instructions for the jaws of life appear after he gives quick voice commands.

It seems that Google Glass is the subject of more jokes than praise, and so having a commercial that depicts a more heroic perspective is potentially beneficial for Google. Although, the content does make viewers question just how realistic it is to be able to pull up that type of information on a moment’s notice.

The video has not received all that many views, so it’s difficult to say whether it will bring in a significant number of customers.

4) Dove – Selfie

Dove launched their latest poignant ad that is intended to inspire teenage girls and their mothers to embrace their beauty through the art of the selfie. The video opens with some of the girls and mothers talking about beauty and society’s standards, and a few also point out their own features that they’re unhappy with.

Girls from a Massachusetts high school were brought together to take part in this “experiment”, in which all of them and their mothers were to each take a self-portrait. The photographs were then displayed in a small gallery, where people would view the enlarged images and leave sticky notes with compliments on them.

This latest video is part of the #BeautyIs campaign, following last year’s #WeAreBeautiful campaign.

I’d say that this video does not meet the same mark as the sketches ad from the previous year. We see the girls and women learning to embrace their uniqueness, but there’s no significant point in the ad where this moment of realization is explored.

5) Can You Walk on Water? – Mach by Hong Leong Bank

Our final video for this week was actually released a couple weeks ago on YouTube. This video combines awesome science and upbeat music to promote … a bank.

At the start of this video, we see a woman try to walk on water and immediately fail. Then, it quickly jumps over to a crowd of people running across and jumping on a small pool filled with non-newtonian fluid. Various people perform tricks and dance moves, and some even play soccer on the green liquid.

There have been over 14 million views, so people are definitely intrigued by the content and style. Even though there is virtually nothing mentioned about the bank itself until the last image, the concept is very creative and fascinating, which ultimately draws a lot more attention to their name.

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