Emotional Marketing – 10 Online Videos that will Melt Your Heart

Emotional Marketing – 10 Online Videos that will Melt Your Heart

Marketers have finally learned that consumers are tired of being sold to. We want to be told a story. And what is the most effective method? Playing to our emotions. So grab your tissues, and check out these 10 online videos that tugged on our heartstrings in recent past.

1. Save the Children: Most Shocking Second A Day

This video by non-profit organization Save the Children serves great impact because of two reasons: a) the shock value and b) the emotions it plays to. Now, we have all seen second a day or picture a day videos that are heartwarming. However, the way in which this young girl’s life changes so drastically from birthday to birthday is devastatingly heartbreaking. Beyond the content, every shot is beautifully composed and the editing has perfect rhythm. Each image is quite beautiful to look at and the coloration of the video as a whole is outstanding. The snip-its of audio make the overall impact that much more heart-wrenching.

2. Speed Ad– Mistakes

We’ve all taken a dumb risk while driving. Maybe we were running late, feeling impatient, or wasn’t paying attention. And this Australian ad plays right into that. It is sure to leave you with a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach. And it surely will make you be more cautious while driving.

3. Google Homeward Bound

Saroo Brierley’s story is utterly amazing and Google Earth does an amazing job of telling his story. It is quite simple and straightforward, but it does achieve a nice sense of suspense with great pay-off.

4. Always #LikeAGirl

Always keeps us in the dark about their message for the first half of the video. Once it’s revealed, we feel an odd mix of empowerment with shame for our assumptions. This video pulls the rug right out from under you. And it might even leave you in tears.

5. Giving (Thai Commercial)

If we have learned anything in 2014, it was that the Thai have mastered emotional video marketing. This is one of the powerful stories told by Thai ad agencies. It encapsulates the story of a feature film within a 3 minute video. And it takes the viewers on quite a ride.

6. 2014 Thai Commercial

What did I tell ya about those Thai advertisements? This is an equally as touching spot on education and poverty and general human kindness. It is meant to inspire you to engage and to act, and it does just that.

7. The Most Emotional Surprise of the Year (Samsung Turkey)

This video plays off of the viral flash mob’s that have been quite popular as of recent. However, these people aren’t spreading joy through singing and dancing, but have made a huge impact on one person’s life. A whole community learned sign language to communicate and surprise a deaf man who lives in this neighborhood. It is eye opening and touching to see his surprise, at little greetings and exchanges we usually take for granted. Samsung Turkey shows their excellence in the world of communication, thinking past cell phones and digital and even vocal communication.

8. Long Live NY

This video is an homage to the great city of New York, its people who can band together, and general human empathy. It is a commercial for the NY Organ Donor Network. It evokes great symbolism and uses beautiful animation techniques and storytelling to convey their message.

9. Flying Objects

This commercial is both beautiful and haunting to watch. It is another safe journey warning from the New Zealand government. It is an astonishing portrayal of a car crash shot in 60 fps. It is very pleasing aesthetically with the slow motion, high resolution, and animations.

10. My Dad’s a Liar!

And we’ll leave you here with this last sentimental Thai commercial titled, “My Dad’s a Liar!”. The title sets you up with false expectations for the father character and turns those expectations on its head. This may be the most emotional of the bunch showing strength, devotion, and dedication. And, again it highlights the importance of education.

Emotional appeal is not the only way to inspire audiences to engage, but it is an effective technique that marketers are becoming more and more attuned to. Over all else, storytelling has come back to the foreground of engaging consumers and inspiring action.

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