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Best Practices for YouTube MetaData

Best Practices for YouTube MetaData

There are over 20 million B2B customers that watch YouTube videos each month. It is not just for big brands anymore, literally companies of all sizes can benefit from creating content for the world’s most popular video platform. One common concern I hear constantly is how videos can find an audience and distribution. Paid advertising

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4 Keys to Producing a Compelling Event Video

Anyone who has produced a live event knows they can be extremely complicated yet oh so rewarding. There’s something magical about bringing people together around a shared passion for a short amount of time when it all comes together. At an event like SXSW, the energy is actually palpable and beyond the venue, attendees, exhibitors

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Tech in Los Angeles – Incubators & Accelerators [Infographic]

LA tech has never been hotter. Validation can be seen from both startups choosing LA and with investors ramping up capital being poured into those companies. Techcrunch ranked LA the #3 startup ecosystem worldwide and with incoming Mayor, Eric Garcetti, committed to supporting tech growth, the future looks bright. Startups looking for investment, office space

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Our Favorite Free Online Tools for Small Business

There have certainly been quite a few people who have written about what online tools are best for small businesses. In fact, my former CEO and friend Jason Nazar wrote a great article in Forbes. We use a number of both free and paid tools to increase efficiency. Some are specific to video production and content creation while

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Content Marketing for Creators

Everyone knows that content is king. Or at least that what every blog, pundit and influencer would have us believe. And of course they’re right. The very fact that sites like Mashable, Huffington Post, TechCrunch and others are visible and easily found is no coincidence. Google and every other search engine is built on one simple premise - quality content is ranked

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