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4WT Media is an award-winning video production company specializing in creating high impact content that inspires audiences to engage.

We believe in the power of content to connect and affect change. Our mission is to produce video that makes a difference. Whether working with a brand to launch a transformative product or creating original shows, movies and content, we love what we do and find the joy in all projects.


John Trefry
Founder & CEO
Born and raised in Alaska, John has a deep love for the natural world and is the director of DRAIN, a documentary focused on threats to the largest body of freshwater on Earth, the Great Lakes
James Mitchell
Creative Director
Originally from Australia, James is a graduate of the venerable NIDA school and oversees all of 4WT productions.
Ben Bolea
With a sensibility that can be credited to his Alaskan roots, Ben is an award-winning screenwriter and feature film director.
Joe Hardesty
Joe is a gifted creative with producing credits ranging from HBO’s Ferrell Takes the Field to the Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife. He is also part of the Alaskan film movement.
Tony Yacenda
With hugely successful commercial campaigns and Lil Dicky music videos, Tony is rising star. He is currently in production on an original series for Netflix.

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